Professional Work (Data Analysis)

I'm a research data analyst and published author who has worked in various higher education institutions including colleges and assessment companies. My undergrad degree is in Psychology and my master's degree is in Information Systems Management. I've been in various professional roles in the data analytics space and I am the author of Learn RStudio IDE, Quick, Effective, and Productive Data Science published by Apress.

My primary professional focus is working with datasets, analyzing problems, and creating data dashboards; I lean towards technical data analytics roles. I started as a statistical programmer using SAS to help with psychometrics for the PRAXIS and TOEFL assessement tests; then I went on to work on the SAT with College Board, develop mobile apps for the iPhone, published five books on technology, and now I'm working on ERP/SIS reporting at a local college.


Here is the technology that I have used most recently:

  • SQL
  • R/RStudio/Shiny
  • Excel
  • Tableau
  • Workday Reporting/PRISM
  • Colleague Student Information System
  • HTML, CSS, Node.js, Next.js

I have a broad range of experience in other programming languages for both analytics and applications including SAS, Python, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), iOS, Swift, and C# and can pick up new programming languages and analytics packages as needed.


Passion Project

Bucks County UFO Sightings

This is an ongoing project where are looking at around 250 UFO sightings in the Bucks County area. Matt is applying data analysis techniques including exploratory data analysis, sentiment analysis, and topic modeling to explore the experiences of people who report UFO sightings in Bucks County.

Here is content related to the UFO project


Here are the major technology publications that I've worked on. Many of these were inspired by my experience with early mobile app development and my most recent book reflects my new experience with data science.


Connect with me via LinkedIn or email me at if would you like to work together or engage in professional networking.